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Setup in 2007 we are a young, dynamic company with a vision for how technology should be developed.

Our people are everything - passionate about technology, committed to quality and enthusiastically follow the agile approach.

About The Company

Our team has a wide range of experience in many different technologies Our approach is always the same, apply the right tool to the job. We stay on the bleeding edge of technology to ensure our clients always benefit from the latest developments in the tech world.Our people are everything – passionate about technology, committed to quality and we enthusiastically apply agile approach to development. We are throwing away the rule book. Our philosophy is simple, understand your needs and deliver the best possible solution, in time, in budget. We are the synergy of business and technology spoken but little applied. We are proud of what we do.

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Our Services

Infrastructure Management

Got the solution, but what to do next? Don’t worry we can advice and also help in the implementation.

Ongoing Technology resources

So you have your all singing all dancing eCommerce solution, but you want to make a small change. Our team offers skilled resources to ensure you are always in front of your competition, tailored around what you really need.

eCommerce consultancy

Our specialist subject, our experience and unique approach will deliver the solution which is right for your business.

Think Clever, save money

Our team has found one constant in every business. There is ALWAYS something which is done in a specific manner because nobody can think of a better way of doing it. We understand your processes and suggest how to be more efficient. Could a 10 line computer program save you 10 hours a week? Don’t be surprised..It’s possible.